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The 48th EHRS meeting will be held in Krakow, Poland, 15-18 May 2019.

Conference Organizer: Katarzyna Kiec-Kononowicz

List of past conferences

Dublin 2018
Amsterdam 2017
Florence 2016
Malaga 2015
Lyon 2014
Organized by:

Jian-Sheng Lin

Plenary Lectures:

Prof Jean-Charles SCHWARTZ, Bioprojet , Paris
«Clinical trials with Pitolisant, a wake-promoting H3-receptor inverse agonist »

Prof Olga A. SERGEEVA, Heine-Univ. Dusseldorf
« Histamine—dopamine interactions in health and disease »

Prof Kazuhiko YANAI, Tohoku Univ., Sendai
« Neuroimaging studies in humans on the histaminergic neuron system: past, present and future »

Prof Yrjo KONTTINEN , Biomedicum Helsinki
« Non-professional histamine producing cells and H4R in immune reactions in general and in the pathogenesis of Sjögren’s syndrome in particular»

Dr Antoine ADAMANTIDIS, McGill University Montréal
« The MCH Histamine connection: a possible modulatory circuit for REM sleep ?»

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Professor Jean-Charles Schwartz

Lodz 2013
Organized by:

Agnieszka Fogel

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Histamine synthesis and its functions in murine mast cells

Satoshi Tanaka (Jap)

Plenary Lectures:

Histamine and addiction: From behavior to neurotransmitter interactions

Pertti Panula  (Fin)

Histamine at the intersection of circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake cycle

William Wisden (UK)

Toward selective molecular tools for histamine H2 and H4 receptors: Conformational constraints, bioisosteric and bivalent approaches

Armin Buschauer (Ger)

Histamine signaling in pathomechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Marek Jutel (Pol)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Wieslawa Agnieszka Fogel (oration by Wilfried Lorenz)

Belfast 2012
Organized by:

Madeleine Ennis

Joint meeting with:

COST Action BM0806 ‘Recent advances in histamine receptor H4R research’

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Interactions between mast cells and structural airway cells in the pathogenesis of asthma
Peter Bradding (UK)

Plenary Lectures:

Histamine H4 receptor – ligand, binding and activation
Holger Stark (Germany)

H4R and neuroinflammation: insights from mouse experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Beatrice Passani (Italy)

Late signaling events for histamine release by mast cells
Ulrich Blank ( France)

Eicosanoids – performing lipidiomics on activated mast cells
Gunnar P. Nilsson (Sweden)

The allergic effector unit: mast cells – eosinophils interactions regulate the allergic response
Francesca Levi-Schaffer (Israel)

Round Table Discussion:

What’s new in H4 research?

Moderated by:

Rob Thurmond (USA)

Elena Rivera (Argentina)

Paul Chazot (UK)

Ralph Gutzmer (Germany)

Holger Stark (Germany)


Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Zsuzsanna Huszti (oration by Anita Sydbom)
Helmut L Haas (oration by Patrizio Blandina)

Sochi 2011
Organized by:

Roman Khanferyan

GB West Memorial Lecture:

The role of the Histamine H4 receptor in allergy and inflammation
Robin.L. Thurmond (USA)

Plenary Lectures:

Viruses and Asthma
Nikos Papadopoulos (Greece)

H1/H2 Receptor in Allergic and Immune Response
Marek Jutel (Poland)

Is brain Histamine involved in depression?
Patrizio Blandina (Italy)

EHRS Anniversary Lecture:

EHRS – Birth of the Histamine Club
Wilfried Lorenz (Germany)

EHRS Anniversary Poster:

40 years EHRS – good science, fun and friends in Europe? Madeleine Ennis (Northern Ireland)

Durham 2010
Organized by:

Paul Chazot

Plenary Lectures:

Functional implications of Histaminergic Neurons Heterogeneity
Patrizio Blandina (Italy)

Translational approaches towards the identification of a histamine H3 receptor antagonist and its’ clinical evaluation for the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis
Nick Carruthers (USA)

Discovery of Novel Agents for the Treatment of CNS Disorders
Jorge Brioni (USA) (given by M. Cowart)

Histamine H3 antagonist properties and efficacy in CNS models
Marlon Cowart (USA)

Histamine H3 and H4 receptors – therapeutic opportunities in airway and inflammatory diseases
Steve Liu (UK)

COST Action PublicLecture

Histamine as a neurotransmitter in brain: from discovery to novel psychotropic drugs – A short history dedicated to the memory of Sir James Black (1924-2010)
Jean-Charles Schwartz (France)

COST ESR WG1 Methods Workshop:

Medicinal Chemistry & Receptor Modelling
Rob Leurs

Genomics & Bioinformatics
Andràs Falus

n vivo preclinical studies
Abdel Ennaceur

Antibody production & validation
Paul Chazot

Inflammation models
Emanuela Masini

Joint meeting with:

COST Action BM0806 ‘Recent advances in histamine receptor H4R research’

Fulda 2009
Organized by:

Friedhelm Diel

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Flexibilities within and around hematopoietic cell development
Fritz Melchers (Ger)

Plenary Lectures:

Roles of transcription factor STAT3 in cancer and immune disorders
Karlheinz Friedrich (Ger)

Histamine-dependent and – independent itch and pain
Martin Schmelz (Ger)

Histamine and pregnancy
Erna Pap (Hun)

Basophils – clinical aspects
Jörg Kleine-Tebbe (Ger)

The clinical usefulness of basophil histamine release
Per S Skov (Den)

New molecular insights in the H4R – receptor field
Rob Leurs (Ne)

H4R-ligands – clinical aspects
Robin Thurmond (USA)

Memorial Lectures:

Nina Grosman Memorial Lecture
Histamine and the “omics” era
Andras Falus (Hun)

Wolfgang Schmutzler Memorial Lecture
Basophils – basic science aspects
Bernhard Gibbs (UK)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Madeleine Ennis (oration by Fred Pearce)
Fred Pearce (oration by Madeleine Ennis)
Bruno Mondovi (oration by Pierfrancesco Mannaioni)

Stockholm 2008
Organized by:

Sven-Erik Dahlén and Anita Sydbom

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Mast cells, nerves and IgE
John Bienenstock (Canada)

Plenary Lectures:

Post-consolidation therapy with histamine dihydrochloride and interleukin-2 in acute myelogenous leukemia.
Kristoffer Hellstrand (Sweden)

The vertebrate brain histaminergic system: a multifaceted network.
Pertti Panula (Finland)

Differential release of mast cell mediators – implications in health and disease.
Gunnar Nilsson (Sweden)

The role of serglycin proteoglycan in mast cell secretory granule formation
Gunnar Pejler (Sweden)

Intracellular trafficking and signaling mechanisms in the secretion of inflammatory mediators and histamine by mast cells.
Ulrich Blank (France)

Florence 2007
Organized by:

Emanuela Masini

GB West Memorial Lecture:

And then there were four…
Rob Leurs (Netherlands)

Plenary Lectures:

Oxidative stress and monoamineoxidases: from basic studies to novel therapeutical interventions.
Angelo Parini (France)

Anaphylaxis: pathophysiology and management.
Johannes Ring (Germany)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Robin Ganellin (oration by Sir James Black)

Walter Schunack (oration by Holger Stark)

Henk Timmerman (oration by Rob Leurs)

Delphi 2006
Organized by:

Catherine Tiligada

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Histamine and systems biology; genes and genomics beyond genes
Andras Falus (Hungary)

Plenary Lectures:

Histamine and the EHRS – what has happened in the last 35 years?
Madeleine Ennis (UK)

Occupational asthma: diagnosis and management
Piero Maestrelli (Italy)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Mrs Ingrid Olhagen-Uvnäs (oration by Anita Sydbom)

Bled 2005
Organized by:

Lovro Stanovnik

GB West Memorial Lecture:

My journey with histamine from the cardiovascular system to the brain
Marija Carman-Krzan (Slovenia)

Plenary Lectures:

Superallergens: a new mechanism of immunologic activation of human basophils and mast cells
Gianni Marone (Italy)

The role of mast cells in allergic disease and innate immunity
Michael A. Beaven (USA)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Wilfried Lorenz (oration by Madeleine Ennis)

Piero Mannaioni (oration by Emanuela Masini)

Takehiko Watanabe (oration by Kazuhiko Yanai)

Bergisch-Gladbach 2004
Organized by:

Helmut Haas

GB West Memorial Lecture:

The riddle of the mast cell receptors in the immune response
P. Mannaioni (Firenze, Italy)

Plenary Lectures:

Histamine and orexin neurons: synergistic and complementary regulation of the sleep-wake cycle?
Jiang-Sheng Lin (Lyon, France)

Histamine receptors and susceptibility to central nervous system autoimmune disease
C. Teuscher (Burlington, Vermont, USA)

How to bind and activate histamine H1 receptors
R. Leurs (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Noorwijkerhout 2003
Organized by:

Henk Timmerman and Rob Leurs

GB West Memorial Lecture:

The role of chronic inflammation and remodelling in the pathogenesis of persistent asthma
S.T. Holgate (UK)

Plenary Lectures:

Histamine and histamine receptors in CNS disorders
P. Panula (Finland)

Histamine H1- and H3-receptor subtypes: Targets for drug development
W. Schunack (Germany)

Pain perception and the histaminergic system
L.B. Hough (USA)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Wolfgang Schmutzler (oration by Fred Pearce)

Eger 2002
Organized by:

Andras Falus

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Getting away from histamine
GR Gannellin (UK)

Plenary Lectures:

The histamine – cytokine connection
Michel Dy (France)

Histamine uptake by non-neuronal cells of the brain: properties and function
Zsuzsanna Huszti (Hungary)

Turku 2001
Organized by:

Pertti Panula

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Histamine’s Wake
Helmut Haas (Düsseldorf)

Plenary Lectures:

Roles of H1R and H2R in immune and gastric function. Study by histamine receptor-deficient mice
Takeshi Watanabe (Fukuoka)

Histamine receptors, a versatile subject for studying molecular aspects of receptors and receptor mechanisms
Professor Henk Timmerman (Amsterdam)

Nemi (Rome) 2000
Organized by:

Bruno Mondovi

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Paradigms in histamine research: many controversies – many solutions
W. Lorenz (Marburg)

Plenary Lectures:

Histidine decarboxylase: from purification to gene knockout
T. Watanabe (Tohoku University)

Structure and function of copper-containing amine oxidases
L. Morpurgo

Autacoids modulation of ischaemia-reperfusion injury
E. Masini (Florence)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Franc Erjavec (oration by Maria Carmen-Krzan)

Jack Peter Green (oration by Patrizio Blandina)

Lyon 1999
Organized by:

Philippe Belon

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Clinical significance of mast cell heterogeneity
Madeleine Ennis (UK)

Plenary Lecture:

Modulation of allergen and anti-IgE induced human basophil activation by serial histamine dilutions
Jean Sainte-Laudy (Paris, France)

Lodz 1998
Organized by:

Agnieszka Fogel

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Mast cell heterogeneity
Fred Pearce (London)

Plenary Lectures:

Adventures with histamine
Sir James Black (London)

Brain histamine and the H3 receptor from function to therapy
Jean-Charles Schwartz (Paris)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Sir James Black (oration by Robin Ganellin)

Czeslaw Maslinski (oration by Walter Schunack)

Jean West (oration by Fred Pearce)

Seville 1997
GB West Memorial Lecture:

Histamine and antihistamine drugs in septic shock
Eddy Neugebauer

Antwerp 1996
Organized by:

Frans J. van Overveld

GB West Memorial Lecture:

The role of allergy in asthma – Implications for proper asthma management
M.A. Kaliner (USA)

Anniversary Lecture:

Milestones in histamine research
Börje Uvnas (Sweden)

Plenary Lecture:

Release mechanisms of dense core secretory granules in peritoneal mast cells
G. Alvarez de Toledo (Spain)

Moscow 1995
Organized by:

Igor S. Gushchin

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Design of H3-receptor agonists and antagonists
Walter Schunack (Germany)

Budapest 1994
Organized by:

Zsuzsanna Huszti

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Histaminergic neuron system in brain: recent advances
T. Watanabe (Japan)

Cologne 1993
Organized by:

Eddy Neugebauer

Invited speakers:

Histamine, the heart of the matter
Roberto Levi (USA)

Malaga 1992
Organized by:

Manuel García-Caballero

GB West Memorial Lectures:

Highly potent and selective ligands for histamine receptor subtypes
W. Schunack (Germany)

Intracellular histamine receptors – The new frontier
L.J. Brandes (Canada)

Marburg 1991
Organized by:

W. Lorenz

Invited speakers:

The impact of histamine research on clinical anesthesia and surgey
J. Moss (USA)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Geoff West

Börje Uvnäs

Kuopio 1990
Invited speakers:

Histamine, a stimulant to physiological imagination
James Black (UK)

Breda 1989
Organized by:

J.J. Keyzer

Invited speakers:

Histamine, state of the art
W. Lorenz (Germany)

Histamine as a neurotansmitter in the brain
Schwartz (Germany)

Histamine in asthma
T.S. Holgate (UK)

Mechanisms of histamine secretion
N. Chakravarthy

Copenhagen 1988
Organized by:

S. Norn

Invited speakers:

Our unique society
G.B. West (England)

New aspects in asthma pathogenesis and development of anti-allergic drugs
A.M. Edwards (England)

Mast cells, neuropeptides and inflammation
M.K. Church (England)

Interaction between inositol phosphates and Ca2+ in signal transduction mechanisms
O. Thastrup (Denmark)

Strbske Pleso 1987
Organized by:

L. Benes / R. Nosal

Invited speakers:

The release of histamine by free radicals
P.F. Mannaioni (Italy)

Odense 1986
Organized by:

Nirmal Chakravarty

Invited speakers:

Mechanisms of signal transduction in mast cells and basophils: Studies with RBL-2H3 cells
Mike Beaven (Bethesda, USA)

Aachen 1985
Organized by:

Wolfgang Schmutzler

Invited speakers:

Mast cells revisited
GB West (London)

Florence 1984
Organized by:

Pier Francesco Mannaioni

Invited speakers:

Turnover of histamine in rat brain
J. Green (USA)

Brighton 1983
Organized by:

GB West

Invited speakers:

Antisecretagogues and parietal cells
Karl Sewing (Hannover)

Bled 1982
Organized by:

Franc Erjavec

Invited speakers:

Histamine release and vascular changes induced by neuropeptides
John Foreman (London)

Hannover 1981
Organized by:

Karl F Sewing

Invited speakers:

Histamine secretion: research in retrospect
Bertil Diamant (Copenhagen)

Visegrad 1980
Organized by:

Zsuzsanna Huszti

Invited speakers:

The multiple facets of histamine research
HO Schild

Stockholm 1979
Organized by:

Börje Uvnäs

Lodz 1978
Organized by:

Czeslaw Maslinski

London 1977
Organized by:

Geoff West

Paris 1976
Florence 1975
Organized by:

Pier Francesco Mannaioni

Copenhagen 1974
Marburg 1973
Organized by:

Wilfried Lorenz

Paris 1972
Lodz 1971
Satellite Symposium on:

Mechanisms of regulation of the biogenic amine levels in tissues with a special reference to histamine

Chairman of the Organising Comittee:

Czeslaw Maslinski