Lodz 2013

Organized by:

Agnieszka Fogel

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Histamine synthesis and its functions in murine mast cells

Satoshi Tanaka (Jap)

Plenary Lectures:

Histamine and addiction: From behavior to neurotransmitter interactions

Pertti Panula  (Fin)

Histamine at the intersection of circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake cycle

William Wisden (UK)

Toward selective molecular tools for histamine H2 and H4 receptors: Conformational constraints, bioisosteric and bivalent approaches

Armin Buschauer (Ger)

Histamine signaling in pathomechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Marek Jutel (Pol)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Wieslawa Agnieszka Fogel (oration by Wilfried Lorenz)