Durham 2010

Organized by:

Paul Chazot

Plenary Lectures:

Functional implications of Histaminergic Neurons Heterogeneity
Patrizio Blandina (Italy)

Translational approaches towards the identification of a histamine H3 receptor antagonist and its’ clinical evaluation for the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis
Nick Carruthers (USA)

Discovery of Novel Agents for the Treatment of CNS Disorders
Jorge Brioni (USA) (given by M. Cowart)

Histamine H3 antagonist properties and efficacy in CNS models
Marlon Cowart (USA)

Histamine H3 and H4 receptors – therapeutic opportunities in airway and inflammatory diseases
Steve Liu (UK)

COST Action PublicLecture

Histamine as a neurotransmitter in brain: from discovery to novel psychotropic drugs – A short history dedicated to the memory of Sir James Black (1924-2010)
Jean-Charles Schwartz (France)

COST ESR WG1 Methods Workshop:

Medicinal Chemistry & Receptor Modelling
Rob Leurs

Genomics & Bioinformatics
Andràs Falus

n vivo preclinical studies
Abdel Ennaceur

Antibody production & validation
Paul Chazot

Inflammation models
Emanuela Masini

Joint meeting with:

COST Action BM0806 ‘Recent advances in histamine receptor H4R research’