ESR Award winners

Since 2003, we have held a special ESR symposium as part of our annual conference where we select the brightest and the best from our Early Stage Histamine Researchers. These are the past winners of the First prize.

2003: Remko Bakker (The Netherlands)

2004: T. Ishizuka (Japan)

2005: Zoltan Pos (Hungary)

2006: Alexei Ponomorenko (Germany)

2007: Regis Parmentier (France)

2008: Rajkumar Noubarde (USA)

2009: Maria Gschwandtner (Germany)

2010: Thommas Ellender (UK)

2011: Tobias Birnkammer (Germany) and Thommas Ellender (UK)

2012: Gustavo Provensi (Italy)

2013: Maria Sundvik (Finland) and Ling Shan (China)

2014: Jenni Vanhamen (Finland)

2015: Fumito Nagnuma (Japan)

2016: Roberta Fabbri (Italy)

2017: Niels Hauwert (The Netherlands)

2018: Yan Zhao (France) and Stephanie Hagenow (Germany)

2019: Tamara Mocking (The Netherlands)

2020: David Reiner (Germany)