Fulda 2009

Organized by:

Friedhelm Diel

GB West Memorial Lecture:

Flexibilities within and around hematopoietic cell development
Fritz Melchers (Ger)

Plenary Lectures:

Roles of transcription factor STAT3 in cancer and immune disorders
Karlheinz Friedrich (Ger)

Histamine-dependent and – independent itch and pain
Martin Schmelz (Ger)

Histamine and pregnancy
Erna Pap (Hun)

Basophils – clinical aspects
Jörg Kleine-Tebbe (Ger)

The clinical usefulness of basophil histamine release
Per S Skov (Den)

New molecular insights in the H4R – receptor field
Rob Leurs (Ne)

H4R-ligands – clinical aspects
Robin Thurmond (USA)

Memorial Lectures:

Nina Grosman Memorial Lecture
Histamine and the “omics” era
Andras Falus (Hun)

Wolfgang Schmutzler Memorial Lecture
Basophils – basic science aspects
Bernhard Gibbs (UK)

Honorary membership of the Society awarded to:

Madeleine Ennis (oration by Fred Pearce)
Fred Pearce (oration by Madeleine Ennis)
Bruno Mondovi (oration by Pierfrancesco Mannaioni)