Patrizio Blandina

Patrizio Blandina, born 1951, studied Medicine at the University of Florence and, after his graduation, he worked both as physician and basic scientist in the Clinical Toxicology Unit. In 1984, he moved to the Department of Pharmacology of Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NY, USA), where he spent 8 years and he contributed significantly to neuroscience, studying serotoninergic modulation of dopamine and norepinephrine release, as well as, the role of neuronal histamine in brain function, validating the microdialysis technique, in the conscious rat. When he returned to Florence, he was appointed as Professor of Pharmacology and then Dean of the School of Pharmacy. From 2013 to 2016 he was a member of the Academic Senate of the University of Florence and from 2016 until now he is the Chairman of the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology, Drug Design and Child Health (NEUROFARBA). He is the author of over 100 papers (Pubmed) published in international journals, including Nature, PNAS, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Physiology, Trends Pharmacological Sciences. His recent scientific interest is on the role of the histaminergic system on cognition and feeding behavior.  Patrizio is not only a first-class scientist and a good mentor for his students, he is also a professional sportsman for ski mountaineering, sailing and riding and a talented cook. He has been a member of the EHRS since 1978 and has been treasurer and a council member.  Additionally, he was on the organizing committee of several meetings of this Society.