2011 Jan 8th

Dear Histamine Friends,

There might have been some worries about the TRAVEL TO SOCHI MEETING.

Therefore I must remind you about the possibility to apply for travel bursaries for students of 500 Euros. Send in your applications! Please look at the website www.ksma.ru/ehrs for more information.

The deadline for this application of student bursaries is also extended to

18th of January

Also I have the latest information about the flight connections from Roman below

Unfortunately, up to now here is no news about the new flights from Europe to Sochi (airport Adler). Maybe due to Russian holidays lasting up to January, 10.
The best price for the air fairs is via Moscow (Aeroflot). The prices will be from Frankfurt, Munuch, Vienna, London, Prague e.c. ~from 350 to 450 euro.
Another possibility to buy two different tickets, for example:
1. Vienna (or other European cities) – Moscow by Aeroflot (~220 euro)
2. Moscow-Sochi by budjet company Avianova (from the same airport) – ~100 Euro. The sites of Russian budjet companies (all have Airbuses 220 or Boieng 737) are www.avianova.com and www.skyexpress.ru
I have another proposal for participants.
In case if somebody will find a cheaper ticket on Tuesday and would like to come one day earlier – on evening 10, May, 2011- this one night will be free!
In any case I will inform you about all news from Sochi airport and possible discounts.
Roman Khanferyan

Dear friends, I do wish you all welcome to the EHRS meeting in Sochi!

Anita Sydbom
President EHRS