2011 Apr 16th

Dear Histamine friends,

The next EHRS meeting in Sochi 11th to 14th of May is coming closer and I have some information for you.General Assembly meeting

There will be a meeting of the EHRS General assembly on 14th of May at 17.00.  Attached is the agenda for this meeting.
New election for our Treasurer at the 2011 EHRS meeting

As announced previously our Treasurer Patrizio Blandina has been on the post for three election periods and we now have to vote for his replacement at the General Assembly meeting. We thank him for the excellent work during these years.
For the Treasurer post we have a candidate who is recommended by the Council. He is Pertti Panula. He is well known and a regular attendant of our society and has been a council member (2003-2006). He hosted the EHRS meeting 2001 in Turku as well as being a Treasurer for another scientific society. A short CV for Pertti is attached in Member Letter 16th of April.
Other candidates for this post can also apply for this post.
If there are any other nominations for this post it is important to know that the last date of accepting any other nominations is the 1st of May.
If you wish to be considered for the position of Treasurer then please send me a short statement of less than a page of A4 who you are and why you would like to be considered for the post. This should reach me by the 1st of May. I will then circulate the details to all members so that everyone including those who are unable to attend this meeting can vote by email if they wish.

Future meetings
2012, 2-6th May in Belfast, N. Ireland – organised by Madeleine Ennis.
2013, 8-11th May in £odz, Poland – organised by Agnieszka Fogel.

To date, we have only these invitations. It is important for our forward planning to know where our future meetings will take place.
If some of you are considering offering to host a future EHRS meeting please let me or anyone in the council to know.
Walter Schunack

I would like your help to collect photos of Walter Schunack from EHRS meetings during the years. If you have some photos please send to me.

Looking forward to meeting you in Sochi,

With the very best wishes and a

Anita Sydbom
President EHRS